Staying the Course through the Storm



It has been some time since my last update. The requirements for the Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) class have kept me busy. I am glad to report that I am at the half-way mark for this program. I anticipate completing on August 10th. I am frustrated, as the program will cause me to miss this year’s Advanced Missionary and Chaplain Training (AMCT). Each time my family and I attend, we are blessed by the people of Calvary Baptist and All Points Baptist Mission. I would venture to say there is no other endorsing agency for chaplains like All Points. The love and care our family receives from All Points has truly been a blessing throughout the years of this ministry pursuit. August will be a special month, not only will I anticipate finishing CPE, but my recruiter is hoping to have me make the August CARE Board interview. This interview will be in Washington D.C. and will be the final process as to whether or not I will be a Navy Chaplain. I do ask for your continual prayers as I prepare to make this interview, both physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The picture above is one I came across recently. It is titled, “Stay the Course.”  This has been my motto as I enter in to the last half of this CPE program. The CPE process has been a very difficult challenge. At the hospital, I am in an institutional ministry with several chaplains who do not hold to the inerrancy and infallibility of Scripture. The other chaplains I work alongside shape and mold God into an image that is unbecoming of what is clearly stated in Scripture. They have created their own gods; which has no biblical basis. It is infuriating that they claim the title “Christian” under the umbrella of Non-Denominationalism, representing entirely different gods than the one true and living God. Please continue to pray for me as I hold God’s Word in the highest regard. Such a position is truly “out of season” today (2 Tim. 4:2).

Our children are doing well; though they have grown homesick over the course of our time here in Florida. The younger two have times of wanting to be back in Tennessee. Although I enjoy 80 degree weather in the winter, I must admit I miss our friends, family, and sending church family of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Smyrna, Tennessee. Some families have sent letters to Julianna and Trenton, which have been a blessing. Thank you for keeping those connections with our children.