Relocations and Readjustments for our Family

I am so thankful that my family and I were able to attend the All Points Missionary and Chaplain Training (AMCT) last month. I was disappointed that we were unable to attend the training last year due to illness. It was exciting meeting new missionaries and new chaplains that have been added to All Points Baptist Mission. I am so thankful for the work that Calvary Baptist Church puts into AMCT each year. The hospitality our family received during the AMCT training week was a tremendous encouragement. I am especially thankful for the care that was shown to my wife during the special events for the ladies, and the time that was spent teaching and engaging my children while we worked diligently in our classroom setting.

 After the conference, Cornerstone Baptist Church gave us a tremendous send-off to help prepare our move to Florida. We were so thankful for the generous gifts and letters of love that were given by the members of Cornerstone Baptist. This was the church in which I was baptized, ordained, and commissioned as a Navy officer. Now I am being sent out of Cornerstone Baptist Church to continue the ministry as a hospital chaplain. My prayer is that I will be selected as a Navy Chaplain after this residency, Lord willing. It was difficult leaving our church home; but we are thankful that the bond with Cornerstone will remain strong as our sending church. It has been encouraging to hear how the members of Cornerstone have been praying for us as we continue to become acclimated to Florida.

 Once we finished our initial move to Florida, I returned to Tennessee and drove Korben to Wisconsin. I am thankful for the answered prayers for safety during all the travel this past month. God also answered prayer with the sale of our home! This was a tremendous burden lifted. Korben has now begun his freshman year at Maranatha Baptist University; and I have begun my new position as a chaplain resident in Clearwater, Florida. During these first few weeks, I have already engaged several patients and their families with prayer and pastoral care. Please pray that God will provide ways to share the gospel as I continue with my residency this next year. Other prayer requests would be that we would find a church were we can serve while in Florida. We are actively seeking and praying about which church we should regularly attend. Also, please pray that Korben would continue adjusting to his college requirements and expectations. Thank you! Your prayers are greatly appreciated!