Camp, Officer Training, AMCT, and Summer’s End

Our teens had an amazing time at the Wilds summer camp! The teens had an amazing time! Many decisions were made, and I have been able to see God working in the hearts and lives of these young people. I am praying that the momentum continues as the school year starts. It is excited that we are having our Wednesday night service have a specific program for teens starting this August. We are already in the stages of planning for ministry opportunities, teen events and camp for next summer! This will be a challenge, as I am scheduled to attend Phase 1 Chaplain School at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

Phase 1 will be the next set of training for me, as I have completed DCOIC (officer training) at Newport, Rhode Island. The two weeks were very informative and helpful to establish a bearing for the Navy culture, customs, traditions, and expectations of me as a Naval Officer. I also learned a bit of what my expectations of me will be as a Navy Chaplain, as I saw the example, testimony, and behavior of other Chaplain Candidates that were in my company. I not only learned a lot about how I should conduct myself, but also areas where I must remain distinct and show forth a godly example. Please pray that I will continue to grow as a good candidate for the Navy Chaplaincy.

Directly after attending the officer training, I was able to attend the Advanced Missionary and Chaplaincy Training (AMCT). Words cannot begin to describe how thankful I am to Pastor and Mrs. Snow, the church staff, and church members of Calvary Baptist Church, and All Points Baptist Mission. The fellowship I was able to have with the church members, chaplains, and missionaries is always an encouragement, but this year it was truly a blessing that ended too soon. The week went by so fast, it felt as if we were barely there! It was also exciting to meet the senior ladies of the church! I want to thank them again for the gifts and cards of encouragement to my family. Our children love the birthday cards, and my wife is always excited to see a letter addressed from New Philadelphia!

As summer draws to a close, I look forward to my fall semester at Maranatha Baptist Seminary. If my schedule stays accurate, I should only have two more years of schooling left until I obtain my Master of Divinity. Please continue to pray that I am able to maintain the proper balance of my responsibilities to my family, ministry, and schooling. I am praying that the ministries we are launching at our church will help our kids. Also, I am praying that God’s blessing of health upon my family and myself would continue.


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