Ministry Growth, Upcoming Training, and Summer Plans!

The spring semester of seminary has been going well. With this semester, I have had less classes, so my opportunity to spend time with my family has increased; as well as my ability to maximize my ministry within our church and community. I have had the opportunity to present the gospel at a local public school club in Smyrna, Tennessee, as well as attend other Christian clubs these past few months. However, I am saddened that my ministry opportunity with the Nashville Sea Cadets has decreased. Since they had to relocate out of Smyrna, I can no longer present their chapel on Sunday mornings before our church services. I am hoping that I will be able to stay connected, as I was able to build an amazing relationship with those cadets during my time with them.

I have requested to attend the Phase 1 Chaplain School this May. I am anxiously awaiting information on whether or not my request has been approved.  We are also getting ready for summer camp with our teens and youth. We currently have fifteen youth that have registered for camp! We are currently working on fundraisers to help cover the cost. We have had our annual Chili-Bowl, as well as our Bowl-a-Thon. We are gearing up for another donut sale and a Bike-a-Thon right before camp. I am also thankful to see new families joining our church, and inviting others to attend!

I am so thankful for the balance God has provided regarding my family, ministry, and schooling. We are all looking forward to spring break, as we have scheduled a trip to our nation’s capital. Though I will still be in class, it will provide a great opportunity for our family to build exciting memories. With Korben only one year away from college, Amber and I are wanting to spend as much time building memories with our kids as we can. As always, we thank you all for your prayers and encouragement as we strive forward towards Navy Chaplaincy.


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