Prayers Greatly Needed As We Press Forward


It is difficult to know where to begin with this prayer letter. What is closest to my heart is the tragic event our town of Smyrna experienced this past week with the death of Captain Jeff Kuss of the United States Marine Corps and Blue Angels #6 Pilot. Captain Kuss was killed while practicing for the Tennessee Airshow in Smyrna, Tennessee. We are continually praying for the Kuss family, the Blue Angels team, and our town of Smyrna as they cope with this tragic loss. This has been a challenge to me personally, as my children witnessed the crash take place.

Though the kids seem to be resilient, it has nonetheless been a challenge to me, seeing how it initially affected them. The day this took place, our community held a vigil, which I was able to attend. Through community portals I was able to offer counsel for anyone who needed someone to pray or talk with.  Still, I felt that I should be used of more in this situation. I pray that God would bring comfort to the Kuss family, the Blue Angel family, and to the town of Smyrna.

Currently, I have finished classes for the summer and we are gearing up to take our church kids to camp. We will be leaving on June 13th. Afterwards, I will be heading to Phase 1 Chaplain School for four weeks. Once I return, we will be home for about a week before we attend the All Points Baptist Missions Annual training. There is a possibility that I will also be able to attend an On the Job Training (OJT) in-between the conference in Ohio and the beginning of the fall semester of seminary.  Though there are many prayer requests, please keep me in your prayers as I go through these training rotations. I am praying that I will be healthy and injury-free; able to complete each and every one.


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