Praising God for Prayers Answered and Striving Forward

The day after I arrived home from my month long training for the Phase 1 Basic Course and the Navy Chaplaincy School, I was not feeling well, but did not think much of it. The next day, I found myself in the emergency room being pumped full of antibiotics.  This begun a healing process that lasted for the entire month of August and even into September. This bacterial infection caused me to miss my training at AMCT. I believe Amber and I made the right decision not to travel while ill, though I was devastated that we were going to miss the people at Calvary Baptist Church, along with the missionaries, chaplains, and their families. Each August is a time of growth, encouragement, and refreshment for the Spurlock family when we travel to Ohio for the weeklong AMCT.

I do not fully understand why God allowed this illness to hinder me as it did, but I am thankful to say that I am back to normal and I praise God for the healing He has allowed me to experience. During all of this, I anticipated attending an On the Job Training (OJT) with the Navy at the Great Lakes Training Command, but this was cancelled due to funding. Looking back, I am thankful it was cancelled, as I would not have been able to attend due the infection my body was fighting.

Healing came at just the right time, as my last year in seminary has started; and is in full swing. Lord willing, I will have my Masters of Divinity in May of 2017. Due to requirements from the Navy, I am also having to seek Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). I am thankful that God has opened a door, allowing me to begin my CPE training the first week of October. What is a true blessing is that my ministry as youth pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church can be used as my clinical hours. This education will not only help fulfill the requirements of the Navy, but also help me grow in my ability to minister to others. Please continue to pray for us as we continue to press towards God’s calling for the ministry of Navy Chaplaincy.



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